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Justin Samuels graduated from Cornell University with a BA in History. He worked in financial services for three years. After then he decided to pursue more creative endeavors. He has written articles for Yahoo! and the WGAe blog. He also writes screenplays. Justin can be contacted at [email protected]

  • Transgender Activist and Google Software Engineer Justine Tunney Controls Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Wall Street has died down. Remnants of it exist in a very disorganized matter. Disgusted by what she saw as ineptitude, Justin Tunney took control of not only the twitter account of occupy wall street, she took control of occupywallst.org. How did Justine manage this? Justine created those accounts in July 2011.

  • New Hollywood Entertainment Launches NuHo, the First Online Film Festival – February 7 th-28th 2014

    Technology has transformed the film industry considerably. With digital cable and various online video on demand services such as Itunes and Amazon, there are now more ways than ever to view films. This has cultivated a huge market for independent film, and it has changed the mainstream film industry. In an era where film festivals continue to have increasing importance on the direction the industry takes, it was only a matter of time before film festivals more completely integrated themselves with the internet. The first to do this is NuHo Online Film Festival. NuHo Film Festival runs from, from Feb. 7, 2014-Feb. 28, 2014. Spike Lee is NuHo’s keynote speaker

  • Aids Charities Manipulation and Exploitation of Gays; By Justin Samuels

    As a gay man I am appalled to witness Aids charities manipulation and exploitation of gays. Chief among these non profit users and abusers of the gay community is GMHC.

  • The Case of Dr. V: To Out a Transgender Woman or Not to Out a Transgender Woman?

    A very controversial piece just arose on the ethics of journalists outing the subjects of their story. Caleb Hannan wrote an article on Dr. V’s magical putter. Dr. V was a scientist who claimed to have degrees from MIT and the University of Pennsylvania, she also supposedly worked on several top government jobs. Shortly after Hannan submitted the article, Dr. V committed suicide.

  • Gentrification Has Changed Urban Gay Culture

    A lot has been talked about gentrification over the years on how it’s
    changed cities. Poor residents got priced out, nice new amenities
    come in, crime goes down, and real estate goes up. Gentrification is
    really the result of various economic forces that occur at global
    levels. Major cities like New York are simply not the working class
    cities that they used to be.

  • The Issue of Ageism in the Porn Industry and Nightclub Exploitation

    Singer Lovari recently decided to relaunch Latino Fan Club along with Brian Brennan. I thought that was interesting as Lovari is well known in the gay scene. I decided to interview him for my blog. LeNair Xavier, who bills himself as an anti porn activist, was critical of Lovari’s decision. LeNair accuses porn of being exploitative to gays and says it does considerable psychological damage. That was a distance Lovari disagreed with. So I decided to interview LeNair as well. While I certainly disagree with LeNair on my share of issues, the responses of some Lovari fans on my blog made LeNair’s point.


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