A Year in New York by Andrew Clancy

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – There is NO other city in the world like New York City.Living in New York , Andrew Clancy grabbed his Canon, and shot footage of what was going on around him. Free Amazon download ‘We Don’t Eat’ by Irishman James Vincent McMorrow



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Dearest Kimberly, Please allow me to preface this letter by congratulating you on finding someone to read it to you. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to learn how to read between all of those dress fittings and developing a fragrance that has the “effervescence of grapefruit and pink peppercorn” and subtle notes of limousine upholstery and poodle vomit.


The McRib Is Made Of Pig Innards And Soles Of Shoes, Basically

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – As any fast food connoisseur worth his weight knows, the McDonald’s McRib is back for a limited time (through November 14th!), but some people are set on taking the fun out of the 500-calorie marketing gimmick. While we all know the McRib doesn’t actually contain rib, do we really want to know what it does contain? Whether you like it or not, we’re about to find out.


10 Weirdest Responses from iPhone’s Siri

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – When a new piece of technology comes out and our lives start to change, we rarely stop to consider exactly who it was that programmed the magical device. But with the iPhone 4S’ new voice-controlled personal assistant Siri, you can’t help but think about the guy who sat around coming up with the responses it would give to users.


Damien Hirst and Rankin’s ‘Myths, Monsters, and Legends’: Millionaire Artists Photograph Wookiees With Boobs

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – “Myths, Monsters, and Legends,”the newest show at Rankin L.A., is the obvious product of two good friends completely enjoying themselves — if the two friends were super famous millionaire artists whose idea of a good time was to dress up a supermodel in enough prosthetic make-up so that she looked like a Wookiee with perfect breasts.

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NYC Premiere Party for Mike Diamond’s Music Video “Trust”

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Photos by Dex Star G   NYC turned it out at the premiere party of Mike Diamond’s Old-School bitch track  “Trust” Featuring  Derrick Xtravaganza, Amanda Lepore, Matinga Revlon, Nick Stryker & Gogo Harder. Trust is…


Happy Birthday Holly Woodlawn !

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Holly Woodlawn grew up in Miami Beach and in 1962 left, heading north. She recollects that “I hocked some jewellery and … made it all the way to Georgia, where the money ran out and … had to hitchhike the rest of the way” to New York.[1]

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Enter to Win Jem and The Holograms Season One on DVD from FIERTH

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – On October 11, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro Inc., will release the long-awaited JEM and The Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series! 11-DVD box set, sparkling with all the episodes in the order they were intended and an exclusive extra DVD packed with bonus features, including archival material rarely seen by fans!

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How to Find a Masculine Halloween Costume for Your Effeminate Son

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Anna Stephenson stops by Today NOW! to show parents of girly sons costume tips to survive Halloween without accentuating their child’s already obvious homosexuality.

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#OccupyWallStreet Propaganda Posters

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – #occupywallstreet – “The response to the Occupy movements across the country, especially in the early coverage, seems to be very dismissive and condescending,” writes artist Fro. “I thought it’d be interesting to represent that visually with a bit of old school propaganda.

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Happy Birthday Weird Al !

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Happy Birthday Weird Al !!!!

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An EVENING OF DIVINE MADNESS! Halloween Benefit for The Trevor Project with The Haus of Mimosa

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Brooks Productions and award winning, “The Haus of Mimosa” have come together to produce, “An EVENING OF DIVINE MADNESS!!!” Get out your Halloween Costumes and couture and get ready for a night of music, comedy and dancing as we celebrate two brilliant Diva’s- Bette Midler and Lady Gaga!!!!

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Bette Midler : The Showgirl Must Go On

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – I was so excited to be asked to review Bette Midler’s new DVD. I draped myself in my favorite feather boa to prepare myself for diva moments and mixed myself a very strong dirty martini. At first I thought I made my martini a little too strong when I saw flying birds, cows and maybe even Bette herself getting swept up into a very long tornado opening credit sequence.


Happy Birthday Judge Judy !

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Happy Birthday Judge Judy

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FIERTH TV Deep Inside Carmen Carrera

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Mike Diamond gets carried away with Carmen Carrera

LADY BUNNY in THAT AIN’T NO LADY! Every TuesdayThrough November 29th at La Escuelita

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – The raunchy, demented drag diva of Wigstock fame presents her first full-length one wo-man show in almost a decade at the popular latin nightspot La Escuelita every Tuesday Through November 29th at 8PM. Fast-paced and action-packed with glitzy costumes and Bunny’s trademark gravity-defying bouffant wig, THAT AIN’T NO LADY is a cabaret designed for a night club crowd–no lengthy monologues or sappy show tunes here. For mature audiences who enjoy irreverent humor!


MUST SEE FILM Pedro Almodovars The Skin I Live In Trailer

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – I would recomend to not read this excerpt and just go see this amazing  film , However…. Spoiler and Official Trailer


Herman Cain Vs. Ron Paul On #OccupyWallStreet

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – While Rick Perry and Mitt Romney were busy battling each other on immigration, Herman Cain and Ron Paul offered up their differing opinions on #OccupyWallStreet.


Miss Understood’s tips on doing Halloween properly

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http://www.fierth.com -Amateur Night. That’s what New York’s drag queens call Halloween. “You must LOVE Halloween” drunk ladies gush. Please bitch, we do this all year.

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Occupy Wall Street Update – October 17, 2011

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HTTP://FIERTH.COM – The reason baby boomers don’t understand the protesters is because we grew up with all advantages now being denied the younger generation—and it’s left us totally clueless.
Video One – United States soldier talks to police at Time Square
Video Two SNL Opens with Mock Bloomberg Press Conference
Video Three

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