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  • Crazy and Cool Habits of Celebrities

    There are a lot of reasons that celebrities and famous people get the attention that they do and seriously? Only a tiny fraction of that attention is because they do truly good work. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some serious talent out there, of course. It just means that, the majority of the time the attention we give to the glitterati is because they act crazy, pull some sort of crazy stunt, have weird pets, weird fetishes, weird relationships and, of course, wild and crazy hobbies.

  • [VICE] Stalking the Paparazzi

    [VICE] Stalking the Paparazzi – In the documentary short titled Stalking the Paparazzi, California-based Steven Randolph of VICE confronts several celebrity-chasers along with videographer Steven Perilloux and finds out more about their chosen profession. Randolph’s full story is on VICE.


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