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  • Training Tips for the Weary Traveler

    http://www.fierth.com – Some suggestions on what to do when you have FINALLY arrived at your hotel. Sometimes, the hotels don’t have the best or most modern equipment in their gyms. Consequently you have to get creative with your workouts. And, when you are traveling for business and your time is compressed, it can be difficult to stay with your exercise program. Here are some suggestions on how to stick with your program. All it takes is a little extra creativity, discipline, will power and a high level of motivation.

  • Tips for Exercising During Flight

    http://fieth.com -If you travel by plane as much as I do, then you know that it can be rough on your body. Getting through security is half the battle. You can combat poor circulation, swelling, sore joints and lethargy on cramped flights. Try these exercises.

  • Keeping Mentally Fit – By Ken Hunt



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