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  • LIMELIGHT not becoming an I.H.O.P. – But will become.. read more

    Its funny, sometimes how old articles of rumor and speculation return to the walls of facebook and spreading old misinformation driving readers into a over-hyped race to break the wrong news. An article from the Gothamist from 2011 recently did just that stating that the Limelight marketplace was to reincarnate with an I.H.O.P. restaurant. Well here’s the truth…

  • Ken’s New Year Resolutions: A Guide to your Body, Mind and Heart for 2013

    This is the time of year when we all think about the changes we want to make to improve our health and happiness. Many people are critical of New Year’s Resolutions, but I like to embrace them and use them as a positive roadmap forward.

  • Getting To Your Beach Body By Ken Hunt

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM -Don’t look now but it’s almost swimsuit season. Are you ready to rock that Speedo? Here are some tips to get you beach-ready.

    First, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Perhaps you are carrying around a few extra pounds from the winter doldrums. Like most of us, you probably have your own routine for loosing weight. I have only two suggestions. Watch your diet and sweat. Also be realistic about your weight lose goals. Experts say you can safely loose 2 pounds a week. Realistically you can expect to loose 1 pound per week. In 8 weeks you will be down 8 pounds which will make a huge difference in how you look in your swimsuit. (or naked for that matter).


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