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  • A Conversation with Singer Jason Morris

    A couple of days ago I got together with the fabulous singer, Jason Morris, who I had the pleasure to meet and see his latest solo show “Musically Yogic…” at the Metropolitan Room. Lucky for us he is performing an encore show on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, My favorite day of the year… Green Beer and Corned Beef for MargOH! Anyway…I invited him to one of my favorite little drinkin spots and here’s what happened!

  • In RuPaul we trust … MargOH! Channing’s picks her Drag Race Dream Cast

    I have a big mouth! Now If only you’d listen… We all must dream and kid’s I had a dream about what diva’s of drag really melt my MAC and would be perfect for next seasons RuPauls Drag Race.

  • Fierth i-ON Interview with MARGOH! CHANNING

    Fierth sits down at the bar with the perfectly pickeled Margoh! Channing, who returns to the stage this week in her newly Updated show Tipsy! Margoh has quite the life story and she wants to tell you all about her exploits at least the ones she can remember.

  • Dixon Place Presents “MargOH! Channing is Tipsy -3/30/2012

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – “MargOH! Channing is Tipsy” is written and performed by drag superstar MargOH! Channing . The show deconstructs drag through storytelling, song, and drunkglama dysfunction. MargOH! reminisces about her family, gay lovers and the ups and downs of her career while tackling such subjects as rape, incest, race, political correctness, sexual orientation, the power of Liza and most of all survival.

  • Happy Birthday Liza May Minnelli

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM -Many of you know that over the years I’ve stepped in for Liza when she wasn’t quite up to it (I’m pretending to down a bottle of champagne as I’m saying that). I gotta tell you it’s not easy impersonating a recovering alcoholic. I used to have to drink a gallon of vodka to get into character but now it’s down to a pint since she’s been sober.

  • A Book for Karen

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Randy L. Schmidt was asked by one of Karen Carpenter’s close friends Frenda Franklin to “Do good for Karen” and in his book “Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter”, he delivers that.

  • A Tribute to Whitney Houston by Margoh Channing

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – A Tribute to Whitney Houston by Margoh! Channing – “God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?” –Whitney Houston

  • Dishing it Deadly with Frank DeCaro By Margoh Channing

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – It was pure coincidence for I had just tried one of Liz’s recipes chicken and avocado with mushrooms from this fabulous new read The Dead Celebrity Cookbook by Frank DeCaro. I was burping all the way from the subway while making my way into Christies. Mama ran straight for the caftans! Jewelry or handbags are nice but a caftan that Liz may have spilled a martini or dribbled some pee on is what I want. Now that has value!

  • Happy Birthday Bette Midler !

    http://www.fierth.com – It was 1978 when I got a call from my old drinking buddy Mark Rydell to meet him at the Whiskey A Go Go. I had a small part in one of Mark’s films Cinderella Liberty back in 1972. He said he needed my assistance on a new film so I ran down there.
    When I arrived Mark informed me he was directing a new film called “The Rose”

  • MargOH! Channing in “MargOH! Channing is Tipsy -11/18/2011

    MargOH! Channing returns for an encore performance of her highly acclaimed drunkglama show aptly titled “MargOH! Channing is Tipsy” at The Duplex Cabaret, November 18 , 9:30PM, 61 Christopher Street on the corner of 7th Ave south in Greenwich village.

  • MargOH!’s Top 12 ½ Hollywood Hunks of All Time

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Hey kids I’m back with my second Top 12.5. This one is going to be hot because it’s all about men. Now kids don’t be shy and say hi. Let me know your favorites. I feel in a democracy we should share our every thought including sexual fantasies. So who do you want to do?

  • GenderSplash at Dixon Place, October 19th, featuring MargOH! Channing, Kitty Virginia, Leroi Prince, Syditious and Faux Pas!!

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – GenderSplash is a performance series curated by Mathew Heggem and N “The ONLY Letter in Burlesque” that puts queer culture in motion. The artists are asked to explore their bodies, their souls, and their sexual identities in relation to their gender expressions and to reshape queer culture through critical, creative inquiry and sexual celebration. This is where the gay boys dance til dawn, the dykes refuse to U-Haul, and the transgendered rock the playground! You may leave with a lover, or at least a number, and an orgasm of gender enlightenment.

  • MargOH!’s Top 12 1/2

    HTTP:?/FIERTH.COM – Hey kids, it’s me MargOH! I know it’s been a while but it takes a long time to drink your way out of 500 cases of champagne. Someone had to get that in the Guinness record books. Now that I’m back! I’ve got a lot on my mind. So here it goes kids… In the coming months I’m going to be presenting MargOH!’s favorite things. Move over Oprah; no please move that big ass. I gotta sit somewhere.

  • MargOH! Channing is TIPSY at the Duplex June 10th

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – “MargOH! Channing is Tipsy”, directed by Thom Fogarty, is a comedy cabaret featuring The Jarad Astin Trio, MargOH!’s Gayiance’ MAN-ee Champagne and The MargOH!-tini’s. MargOH! Channing drunkenly weaves in and out of stories about her misguided career, dysfunctional family, failed marriages and romance, current events and how she became Liza Minnelli’s sometime stand in.
    $15 Cover & a 2 Drink Minimum

  • Happy Birthday Bea Arthur !!

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – “After being in the business for such a long time, I’ve done everything but rodeo and porno”- Bea Arthur

    It was a hot and hazy day in Hollywood. I had been filming my part as Fembot # 6 in the Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man crossover episode. It was a long day on the set and I was driving to my very small apartment in my brand new Plymouth Duster. It was pink with a black trim down the side. I had made a few bucks from my days with Russ Meyer and some pin-ups I did over the summer. I loved that car until it broke down on the freeway. I got out of the car as the steam poured out from under the hood. I tried to open it but it was too hot and my boob popped out of my Charlie’s Angels tee. I leaned on the door and dangled my leg out to hopefully attract the attention of a man.

  • Gerry Visco Vamps It Up!

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – On Monday night I performed at Gerry Visco’s show “The Gerry Party” at The Wild Project. It was one of those crazy nights that only can happen in New York City – and I LOVED it, kids! Just like the old days!

    I think Gerry’s vision was to have a loose party style show. Things got loose for sure..including my Gay Fiancé MAN-ee Champagne drooling over Gio Black Peter and Fixx Invictus! Ah, well, I can’t blame him, Gio does have a gorgeous cock. Anyway, I love Gerry Visco and think she is an amazing woman, who has a heart of gold and gorgeous rack (we have so much in common!).

  • The Inner Glow of Wendy Ho – By MargOH! Channing

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – Damn it’s cold out here! I screamed at myself in my own head. Starting to think that waiting in line for bootleg Oprah tickets was a bad idea on a cold Chicago winters day after all. I just kept saying it’s Oprah’s final season, It’s Oprah’s final season, It’s Oprah’s final season…Still cold…Little did I know It was going to get hot…

  • MargOH!’s Twas the Night Before Christmas

    http://www.fierth.com – Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house.
    Not a Drag Queen was stirring, not even Lady Bunny in a sequin blouse.
    The support hose were hung by the chimney with care,
    In hopes that a hunky hung Nicholas soon would be there.

  • Happy Birthday Anna Nicole Smith !

    http://www.fierth.com – By MargOH! Channing – Happy Birthday Anna !

  • Sherry from the vine…I’ll drink to that…

    http://www.fierth.com – By MargOH! Channing -The crowd poured out of Splash on a crisp autumn eve after the Glammy Awards; A glamorous gaggle of gals in sequins, feathers and false eyelashes, crumbling after an evening of drinking and sweating through pancake.


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