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  • Beefcake: Adonis Photography by Antonio Pulgarin

    Beefcake a.k.a. Adonis: Black & Adonis: White are two sides of the photo series by Antonio Pulgarin inspired by vintage beefcake imagery of the 1950’s and 60’s. Antonio’s concept for the shoot develops in two directions one with the use of bright lighting , and cast shadow; Where the Black series uses shadow as it prominent element gently painting and exposing with precisely placed light on the forms on these beautiful men’s bodies.

  • Tangible Spirits: The Photography of Phyllis Galembo

    In the realm of the spirit world, the mask is more than mere facade. It is utterly transformative. The man in the mask—and it is nearly always a man—may speak in a different voice, move differently, behave differently, because he is a different being. The mask is put on. The line between reality and illusion, god and man, life and death blurs. The masked man is not playing a role. He becomes the role.

  • Berlin 30 – Justin Violini’s Male Photography in Berlin July 2012

    A Series of nearly 100 photographs taken during the month of July in Berlin. Mostly male portraiture this is not a magazine, it’s not a travel diary, it’s not a book…it simply is a series of photographs that document the two dozen people I had the pleasure of photographing.

  • WOLFPACK! Photographs by Walt Cessna Book & Calendar Launch

    HTTP://FIERTH.COM – A heady mix of the erotic, the sublime and the seemingly everyday, Walt’s new work, WOLFPACK!, sees him share the most intimate of moments with an eclectic array of model subjects and translate these experiences into photographs that both shock and seduce the senses. Like a shorn and inked Pied Piper with a camera and a creative hard-on, Walt leads us through the pulsating roar of the city, the throb and hum of the candy neon-spilled streets, the clang of strangers shifting in stairwells and into the silent sanctuary of the lover’s bedroom where we’re aware that anything can happen. And it does.

  • “Transformations: The Photography Of Mike Ruiz” Exhibition Opening

    Robin Souma Photography for Fierth.com http://www.robinsouma.com

  • Ladies at Lunch Jeremy Kosts Opening Night 03.04.10

    Ladies at Lunch Jeremy Kosts Opening Night 03.04.10

    For more of Erik Halliwell’s photography please see http://www.erichalliwell.com/ SEEN: Jeremy Kost, Lady Fag, Paul Alexander, Kayvon Zand, Robert Verdi, Jordan Fox, King Ralphy, Richie Rich, Damanda Dahling, Eric Halliwell, Jun Nakayma, Francis Legge, Hannah Ulrich…

  • Get Into:  Marsin

    Get Into: Marsin

    Marsin is etherreal , His tracks make you wanna move , whteher it be on the dancefloor or in the sack. He’s Hot & He’s Now Explore Marsin’s body. of work [here] http://www.reverbnation.com/marsin


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