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  • VIDEO: Has RuPaul Sold Her Soul to the Devil – Joined Illuminati ? #ilRUminati

    Kanye, Madonna , Beyonce, Jay-Z , Rihanna have all been accused of flashing secret signs and symbols of the illuminati, and now RuPaul too ! We knew that queen was trying to take over the world. In the preview to Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 6, the shows introduction pans across an empty studio where “evil has laid dormant” ,then in an almost subliminal flash “666 six six six” and Rupaul’s Image is transposed with the infamous sign of the illuminati – the All-seeing eye. Watch Closely and never turn your back on her. LOL ! Rupauls Drag Race Kicks off this Monday at 9p.m. et/pt


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