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  • Godfather Lost: In Praise of Frankie Knuckles

    Frankie Knuckles showed me that a dance floor can be transcendent, that there’s real drama in extending and rearranging a song that’s layered over and reshaped by a persistently soulful groove. Frankie knew the operatic seduction of anticipation. A ten-minute remix of his could start off with seven of intro and leave you aquiver with the song’s delayed opening line. A Frankie set wove moments like this together to showcase the passion, disappointment and joy of everyday living.

  • 10 Iconic Mixes From the Dancefloors of New York

    It’s the city that gave birth to disco, house music and hip hop, the home of iconic, seminal clubs like The Loft, Studio 54, Paradise Garage and the Sound Factory. If you were going to pick one city on earth where you could track the history of dance music through a series of classic sets, then New York would be it.

  • WATCH: BACK IN THE HOUSE- 13 Min Trailer For Upcoming NYC House Music Documentary

    Back In The House is an upcoming documentary on the history of House music nightlife in NYC .Filmed in the mid-90’s Back in the house features rarely seen footage shot in many of the famous venues from the bygone era such as Tunnel, Twilo, Palladium, Sound Factory, Arena, Limelight , Red Zone, Life , Champs , Vinyl, Cielo and Centro Fly.


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